Secure & Profitable events!!

secure events

Secure & Profitable events!!

In recent days we listened to a webinar that brought us very close to the reality of the production of events, gave us a better idea of how they are evolving and how we will continue to count on the face/hybrid mix in the future.

Today we will have to make governments aware of how important it is to have major events such as fairs and congresses, and all that comes from having them, is not only about the work that leaves the sector; if not everything that impacts on different businesses such as restaurants, local leisure, hotels among many others.

We are in the tourism sector, but in reality tourism is the consequence of our activity.

Throughout the de-escalation, protocols have been implemented and improved, in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the government as a result of COVID-19.

In the future it will surely be possible to have rapid tests which will give much greater security, however, today we will have to use mask, perform database and follow-up contacts within the event, temperature, social distance among many other precautions for which we have trained during this period of adaptation that we had in the sector.

But as that future comes, we will have to adapt to the protocols and demonstrate that the fairgrounds are safe; and not only that, but that an event of that magnitude apart from security will be profitable for the sector and for the country.

We are specialists in the design and construction of stands in Madrid and in the world, we visit different venues throughout our career and we are sure that each of them can be certified as a safe space, not only because of its great amplitude and high ceilings, the ventilation systems they operate are necessary and most of these enclosures already have them.

Congresses and fairs are safe and profitable events, we know how to adapt and we will prove it!

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