Red Alert “we make events”

red alert

Red Alert “we make events”

Last Thursday, September 17, took place the sectoral unification movement of the entertainment and events industry (17S), a movement that has been carried out in different parts of the world.

It is considered today as a “forgotten” sector, since the series of appropriate regulations have not yet been determined to be able to carry out events, congresses, fairs, etc.

The movement was carried out in an orderly manner, from the beginning the safety distances between the flight cases were marked by the organizing staff, the participants who did not have one, were in their surroundings always keeping a distance and without making large groups.

It is important to note that the march was peaceful since there was no altercation in any of the Spanish cities in which it took place; making this march a public representation that “YES”, it is possible to carry out ordered events; if it was possible to carry out a mobilization of this magnitude where each of the covid standards were respected, it is clear that it will be possible to carry out a capacity event and controlled measures.

We want people to know that events can be held and we will carry them out in a safe and responsible way; it is necessary that a serious guideline be established by the government, so that we can start working. Companies need to present their products at fairs, conferences, openings or exhibitions; people need to socialize and see face to face with our potential customers or our suppliers, and in the sector we are updating and preparing day by day to make it possible.

Since Thursday we have seen the impact obtained in media, we were followed during the march; however we do not have to “remove the finger from the line”, since this is not just about making us hear a few days, It is essential that the government is aware of how important we are and the number of people who work and live from this, we have not been able to hold a single event for 7 months, a single meeting and we do not see an early date to carry out it. That’s why we’re on Red Alert!!

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