About This Project

We are an international company motivated by different design challenges all around the world. This is the result of a project done for the Company Stratio during the attending of the Spain Big Things Conference.

Big Things Conference is one of the main big data venues in Europe with more than 2000 attendees, 35 sponsors and 120 speakers and Mestalla team has been part of it. We were committed in the development of design, construction, assembling, maintenance during the congress and dismantling of stands, developing several shell scheme booth and space stands structures.

During this conference we developed Stratio’s project in time record, producing and assembling it in just one day, proving that time and design are not obstacles for Mestalla. We developed a complex rounded-structure where we had to challenge construction and design parameters: coordinating logistics, production, assembling and dismantling. We created the structure based in innovation always thinking in delivering a high-qualified product. The result was the high client’s satisfaction.

Exhibition Stand Design Worldwide