Cosentino reinforces its leadership in Vancouver with the support of Mestalla

The leading surfaces company attracted attention during the Canadian Interior Design Show with a stand designed and produced by our team as part of a new partnership

Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego, Cologne, London, Sydney… These are just some of the places where Cosentino has left its mark with the creativity of Mestalla. This innovative brand of unique materials that create environments and the interior design company have got together once again to come out on top at the prestigious international event, IDS (Interior Design Show), which took place in Vancouver between the 16th and 19th of September.

This wasn’t the first time that the cosmopolitan port city of Vancouver welcomed the attributes of this partnership. In autumn 2017, the Vancouver Convention Centre, which is a large building committed to sustainability, welcomed an original exhibitor reflecting the power, versatility and appeal of the brand Dekton.

This exhibitor also presented the Silestone Eternal Collection, inspired by marble. Two sinuous figures of a man and a woman made from the star materials featured in a stand created by Mestalla. On this occasion, our team was once again responsible for the design and production of the Cosentino stand.

The world’s greenest city welcomed a brand that is also committed to sustainability and a circular economy. This philosophy was reflected in the stand created by Mestalla, whose work conveyed the values of Cosentino in a simple, temperate and authentic space. Visitors observed the stand with interest and were keen to learn more about the product during the four days of the exhibition.

The rendered stand invited visitors to approach it and admire the beauty of the inspiring materials exhibited. The stand’s design blended together with the concepts of distinguished, avant-garde, well-known brands (or emerging and up-and-coming brands in some cases) such as Kurva Desing, Leah K.S Amick, Mediamatic, Morocco Artisanat, Studio G3 Glass… Cosentino, in collaboration with Mestalla and other participants from all around the world presented the most daring, innovative, unique and futuristic ideas in the field of interior design.

Meanwhile, our partnership with the Andalusian manufacturer is going from strength to strength and we will soon be involved in another of Cosentino’s success stories, internationally consolidating our company.

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