Towards a “New Normal”

new normal

Towards a “New Normal”

These are turbulent times for the M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) industry. Reinvention and adaptation are intrinsic words to a sector that has been hit hard by the global pandemic situation, a sector based on personal relationships, meetings and networking that has seen its activity slowing down dry and that is aware that it will be among the last to reactivate itself.

The sector’s ability to adapt has been immediate, as evidenced by the appearance of hybrid events, webinars, companies that have diversified their services, others that have added to their range of material products for the Covid era. .etc.

We could analyze exhaustively as a sector with such an important contribution on the PIB of the country has been underestimated in this pandemic, numerous companies that will not be able to overcome this situation, … But one thing that characterizes this sector is its ability to survive, to adapt to any situation, and not even this pandemic will be able to cope with us.

For @Mestalladesign whose core work is focused on the integral production of congresses and events; and the design, production and assembly of customized booths at an international level, this work becomes more arduous if possible, since the ephemeral architecture, fairs and events have stopped dry.

There is no magic wand to get out of this situation, only work, creativity, adaptability, diversification of services and products and good work done in the past.

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