Face-to-Face events return to Madrid

Face-to-Face events return to Madrid

The event as a communication tool is one of the key elements in the strategic development of a marketing plan, and the added value of events is given by the face-to-face relationships between people. At @Mestalladesign we leave you an analysis of what our marketing colleagues have experienced in the three face-to-face events they have attended these past weeks in Madrid.


1.FORO MICE, Harley Space, 1fst of July, with the title of “Acción”.

Complying with all hygiene measures and safety protocols; we had the opportunity to attend to the very first face to face event in Madrid, it was organized by the MICE Forum.

Hybrid & Face to Face Event. The Hybrid Event has arrived to stay, the audiovisual production companies have incorporated it into their portfolio of services and will become a “must” that all the agencies and companies of production of events in Madrid will have to offer. However, the hybrid event will reinforce the face-to-face event, it will not function as a substitute service but as a complementary service.

Security measures. The spaces are fully adapted to the new regulations and hygiene and safety protocols, event staff companies are particularly important in ensuring that these protocols have been properly implemented and that all hygiene and safety measures are being complied with.

2. REINVENTION DAY – Recommendations for the operational development of face-to-face meetings by OPC Madrid. July the 2nd, 2020 at Casa the Mónico.

In this occasion, the motive of the event was the day of reinvention, being a member of OPC Madrid, we had the opportunity to participate in the showroom of companies and present our services adapted to the COVID era.

– Adaptation of spaces, offices and events COVID-19
– Production for hybrid events.
– PLV, Retail. Design, production and assembly of promotional marketing elements, point of sale. .etc.

The sensations that we had in the event, in addition of those mentionend before were:
– Free Design – COVID. The adaptation of the spaces, of the event itself must be made from the initial part of development of the event, that is, the design of the event, Design “Free – COVID”. New tools are emerging, such as capacity control using a computer app.
– We have to transmit Trust and Security to potential buyers both national and international.
Check more information here: https://www.eventoplus.com/casos/opc-madrid-celebra-el-dia-(fisico)-de-la-reinvencion/

3.”Hello Again” Organized by the group Eventoplus at the Goya Theatre in Madrid last Tuesday the 7th of July.

In this event, the feelings of the previous two were confirmed again and a note of humor was added with the participation of a monologue, which made us forget this complicated situation for a while, emphasize this event the following:

– Joy to see us again, the need for the Face-to-Face Event as an irreplaceable marketing tool.

Check more information here: https://www.eventoplus.com/casos/hello-again!-un-evento-fisico-para-transmitir-optimismo-responsable/

Finally, at Mestalla Design as a company specialized in design and assembly of stands and production of events in Madrid we are adapting to this harsh situation caused by the uncertainty of trade fair activity (we had to wait for the publication of a manual of recommendations first by OPC Spain and then by the ICTE to know how the new meetings were going to take place; we continued without a clear directive on the design and assembly of stands for fairs) we are focusing on interior design projects, PLV activities and adaptation of COVID-19 spaces.

Ignacio Ormazábal. Marketing Manager in Mestalla Design

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